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Aida Aragon is our nutrition expert. She has built an impressive program for nutritional balance for the young athlete. Learn more about Aida and her program at and

In the quest to inspire and educate all fitness levels, I have decided to launch a new website, Back to basic fitness will provide all fitness levels with basic routines, incorporating a no nonsense approach to fitness to give you a complete workout. The work outs will consist of stretching to cardio routines, circuit training routines and single body parts. These workouts will be updated twice a month to give a variety of training.

I will also be supplying you with menu ideas and suggestions for optimal physique results. You will be able to select a menu for toning, one for muscle building and one for optimal athletic performance. I will also be focusing on helping parents with menu ideas for their growing athletes. will also provide critical information on electrolytes and hydration for all levels of fitness. Hydration will be the first area that will be covered in order to take the guess work out of how much water one should have and why sodium and potassium play such a critical role in everyday life. NO JOKE THIS IS NOT JUST FOR JOCKS!!!

I look forward to hearing from you and getting some feedback on

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