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Here at All Star, we believe that the athlete is supported by mechanical skills, mental toughness, balanced nutrition, and strength conditioning. The following programs are specifically designed to target these areas.

Speed & Strength Training


The Cross Fitness and Speed & Strength Training programs are designed to improve the overall athletic ability of our students. Our coaches drive players to the limit during ladder drills, plyometrics, and dynamic strength building exercises. These are very intensive program but, surprisingly, we have found that most participants thoroughly enjoy the sessions and can’t wait to come back!  Please contact one of our Certified Strength, Agility & Quickness trainers (Brian Cooper 320-6183 or Rod Williams 623-3890) to schedule a training session soon.  Training schedules are located for each coach under the "Coaches" banner on the home page for All Star. 



Working one-on-one with one of our professional instructors is by far the best way to improve your baseball skills. By isolating a skill in a concentrated half-hour unit, you can make significant strides each week toward your goals. With the experience our coaches have, you can be sure that your son or daughter is being taught proper fundamentals! We also help parents learn what to look for and reinforce while they are practicing away from our facility.

Learn more about our instructors and coaches!

  • Doug (pitching)
  • Maleke (hitting & fielding)
  • Joe (hitting & fielding)
  • Pete (hitting & fielding)
  • Diane (fastpitch softball & hitting)

    Aida Fitness

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    Aida Aragon is our nutrition expert. She has built an impressive program for nutritional balance for the young athlete. Learn more about Aida and her program at and

    In the quest to inspire and educate all fitness levels, I have decided to launch a new website, Back to basic fitness will provide all fitness levels with basic routines, incorporating a no nonsense approach to fitness to give you a complete workout. The work outs will consist of stretching to cardio routines, circuit training routines and single body parts. These workouts will be updated twice a month to give a variety of training.

    I will also be supplying you with menu ideas and suggestions for optimal physique results. You will be able to select a menu for toning, one for muscle building and one for optimal athletic performance. I will also be focusing on helping parents with menu ideas for their growing athletes. will also provide critical information on electrolytes and hydration for all levels of fitness. Hydration will be the first area that will be covered in order to take the guess work out of how much water one should have and why sodium and potassium play such a critical role in everyday life. NO JOKE THIS IS NOT JUST FOR JOCKS!!!

    I look forward to hearing from you and getting some feedback on


    Perfect Mind, Perfect Motion

    Perfect Mind-Perfect Motion, was co-founded by former Kansas City Royals shortstop and World Series Star, Buddy Biancalana and has been taught to professional athletes in MLB, NBA, PGA and ATP Tennis. Clients include, Hall of Famer George Brett, Red Sox infielder Nick Green, the St. Louis Cardinals and two time US Open golf champion Lee Janzen.

    Every player has had the experience of playing a game when their performance is at it's best. Typically, these experiences happen by chance. Perfect Mind-Perfect Motion teaches the processes in the mind that allow these kinds of experiences to happen by design.

    PMPM Sports is offering an introductory price of $360 for members and $400 for non-members. This includes three 1 hour sessions, 7 Internet videos and conference calls. They are happy to offer a complete REFUND following the first session, if not completely satisfied. All of the work takes place in the batting cage or on the mound. Payments and scheduling are made directly through All Star Sports Training.

    To find out more, please visit the Perfect Mind-Perfect Motion web site



    Sports Medicine

    Dr. Matt Fontaine brings his knowledge of Sports Medicine to All Star Sports Training. He is here to disseminate information about stretching, preventative maintenance, and injury treatment to sports families.



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