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Major League Pitching Instructor Joins All Star Staff

All Star Baseball School is proud to announce the addition of former major league pitcher Rolando Arrojo to its staff of qualified instructors. 


Rolando Arrojo    

Rolando Arrojo was born in San Jose Cuba and won a gold medal for Cuba in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. In the 1994 Baseball World Cup, Arrojo was 2-0 with a 1.64 ERA and struck out 17 batters in 11 innings of work. Rolando defected from Cuba in 1996 and was signed by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays as an amateur free agent in 1997. He was 29 years old when he broke into the big leagues and made his professional debut with the Rays on April 1, 1998. After an outstanding 1998 season, Rolando was honored by making the American League All Star team. Following his career with the Rays, Rolando was traded to the Colorado Rockies in 1999 and then to the Boston Red Sox where he worked as a starter and came out of the bullpen as a reliever. Rolando ended his career with the Red Sox in September of 2002.


12u Bombers Cooperstown Trip


The All Star Bombers 12u travel baseball team competed in the renowned Cooperstown Dreams Park tournament in Cooperstown, NY the week of August 13-20th. One hundred and four teams from throughout the country competed against each other during the week-long tournament. The Bombers team finished the tournament with a record of 8 wins and 2 losses, loosing in the “sweet sixteen” bracket to the eventual tournament champions, Team Rawlings from Texas.

Seven players posted a batting average of .600 or above for the tournament. They are: Parker Bryant and Parker Rhoads (.600), David Sockol (.625), Garrett Sullivan, Tony Jones and Jake Taylor (.667) and Scott Files (.680). The Bombers also lived up to their team name by hitting 39 home runs during their ten games.

Team members for the Bombers include: Triston Allen, Parker Bryant, Richard Costi, Scott Files, Tony Jones, Chris Labrie, Nikko Levine, Andy Ly, Dereck Phrathep, Tyler Ramsay, Parker Rhoads, David Sockol, Garrett Sullivan and Jake Taylor. The team was coached by Ron Rhoads, Robert Files and Rodney Sullivan.


Cameron Jennings, 7 (student)

The other day we received this wonderful letter from Cameron Jennings, 7 years old.  Keep up the good work!!!





Coaches Corner - Hitting Vol. 1

As pitchers get better and throw harder, the reaction time a hitter has to make his decision and swing gets shorter and shorter. One of the building blocks we teach here at All Star helps eliminate extra movement in the swing. The secret is to separate the "trigger" from the swing.

In every athletic motion there are two parts. First, there is a small action getting the body in position. This preparation phase, or trigger, is typically small, slow, and in the opposite direction of the main action. The second part is the main action.

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INTRODUCING: Athlete Support Programs

DSC_0018It is our firm belief that the athlete stands, much like a table, on four legs: mental strength, physical strength, solid nutrition and proper mechanics. That being said, we are proud to introduce our Athlete Support Programs! These programs are specifically designed to address each of these "legs" that are so crucial the athletic performance.

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Coaches Corner - Pitching Vol.2

circlechange.jpgThe main job for a pitcher is simple: to deliver pitches that are hard to hit. The art of pitching gets infinitely more complicated from there. Pitchers and coaches can easily over-complicate young pitchers by adding breaking balls and two or three different types of change-ups. While every different type of pitch has their advantages that make them essential to polished pitchers, it is easy to overlook the value of changing speeds. Change-ups and slow curves are the obvious pitches that come to mind, but you can also change speeds with your fastball by changing the location.

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