Game and Practice Nutrition

foodThe modern parent usually struggles to keep up with their kids' busy schedules while maintaining their own hectic work day. When families are rushed the first thing to go is usually nutritious meals in favor of quick meals. Aida Aragon, our resident nutrition expert, has provided some quick guidelines and suggestions for the busy life of a baseball/softball parent.


Most of the time practice or games happen after school and before dinner. Since most schools are offering lunch earlier and earlier these days, it is important to give your kids a nutritious snack before practice. While the body needs fuel to perform, the brain also needs fuel to help retain information and maximize hand-eye coordination.

  • Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches have the perfect balance of carbs and proteins to help sustain physical activity.
  • Subway 6" turkey sandwich or roast beef with cheese... light on the condiments.
  • McDonald's Grilled Chicken Sandwich or Cheeseburger... no McNuggets!

During Games/Practices

Being in Florida gives us the luxury of being able to play year-round baseball but since the baseball season across the country is in the Spring and Summer our kids are playing in extreme heat most of the year. Taking care to hydrate and nourish our players carries more weight given our southern latitudes! The following list covers some suggestions for what to offer in the dugout during a game or practice

  • Water AND Sports drinks (G2, Powerade)
  • Pedialyte in case of dehydration
  • Nuts and or dried fruit trail mix (without chocolates)
  • Fresh or dried fruits
  • Cheese sticks

After games replenishment becomes the priority. Young athletes burn calories at an astounding rate so making sure they have the right food to replace and repair natural muscle microtears. On the way home you might want to have your kid nibble on a banana to replenish their potassium and it will add some glycogen back in their muscles for faster recovery. The rest of the meal should consist of a well balanced meal of protein (meat, poultry or fish), green leafy vegetables for iron, and a starch like a potato or whole grain pasta. Keep in mind that iron loss is more of an issue than sodium loss so encourage the leafy greens without too much drama. Some light olive oil, butter and/or light vinaigrette will add taste.

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