INTRODUCING: Athlete Support Programs

DSC_0018It is our firm belief that the athlete stands, much like a table, on four legs: mental strength, physical strength, solid nutrition and proper mechanics. That being said, we are proud to introduce our Athlete Support Programs! These programs are specifically designed to address each of these "legs" that are so crucial the athletic performance.

Former Kansas City Royals World Series star, Buddy Biancalana and his company PerfectMind-PerfectMotion are now offering their program at the All Star Indoor Traning Complex. This progrm systematically teaches the processes in the mind that any athlete experiences when playing their best. Time slows down, the intellect shuts down and the swing or motion becomes more fluid, effortless and powerful. They have worked in MLB, NBA, PGA and ATP Tennis. They offer a FULL REFUND after the first session if not completely satisfied. The program takes place in a batting cage or on a mound.

Dr. Matt Fontain offers a program where he perfoms a physical exam tailored to examine and preempt injuries of which youth athletes are prone. Once he identifies areas of weakness or imbalance he provides a therapy program to return the athlete to omptimum shape.

SAQ stands for Speed Agility and Quickness. This program is designed to improve the overall athletic ability of our students. Our coaches drive players to the limit during ladder drills, plyometrics, and dynamic strength building exercises. This is a very intensive program but, surprisingly, we have found that most participants thoroughly enjoy the sessions and can’t wait to come back!

The single most overlooked aspect of youth athletics is nutrition. Our nutrition expert, Aida Aragon, has a background in the nutritional supplement industry and was a former fitness competitor. She offers consultations and vital information on youth nutrition and hydration.

We have partnered with to offer cutting-edge video analysis. Our sophisticated computer program allows us to see in 1/30th of a second increments! From raw video of pitching, hitting, catching, or infielding we create a 5 minute video clip that gives you the experience of sitting next to one of our professional instructors as we voice over, use on-screen illustrations, side-by-side, and frame-by-frame comparisons to identify mechanical issues. Having the ability to see what your own body is doing is an invaluable tool when trying to make adjustments

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